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Attitude Is Everything
If everywhere you go the air stinks, it's probably not the air.

Attitude Is Everything

If everywhere you go the air stinks, it's probably not the air.

Truer words have never been spoken. At least not to me, but what does it mean and how can we change it.

We all have those times in life where nothing seems to be going right. Your job seems to be horrible, business is down, your family and friends aren't on speaking terms with you, the world seems to be against you, nothing is going right.

Ever have one of those times?

I sure have. And when I do, it doesn't take long for those wonderful, albeit harsh, words of wisdom to start repeating in my head.

Listen, I truly understand that bad things happen and sometimes those things are outside of our control. Sometimes they happen all at once and that too is outside of our control. I get it. But, sometimes, what makes them happen, or what makes bad situations worse, is our own way of dealing with them.

Sometimes, we need to just sit down and re-evaluate. It is easier to play the victim than to admit that most of the time we only need to look inward to find the issues and therefore the solution.
I am not a pilot, but I have heard that the attitude of an airplane is the direction that the nose of the plane is going, up or down. The attitude of the plane changes the direction. The same thing is true with each of us, our attitude changes our direction. And just like the pilot of an airplane, attitude is within our control.

What is your attitude today? Is it facing up or down? If it is down what can you do to change it? Does the air stink everywhere you go? It might just be time to examine your life, regroup, and adjust your attitude.

If everywhere you go the air stinks, it's probably not the air.

Those are words I heard at a conference almost 20 years ago. I still hear them today, just as loud as I did the first time I heard them.



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