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Website Essentials 6

Written by Tom Stark
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Earlier this year, wrote an aritcle titled "50 Must-Have Features for Small-Business Websites". In this blog series, I am breaking the article down into different sections and giving my opinion on each section. As we reach the halfway point, we look again at some of the different sub pages of your website.

24. Privacy Policy Page:Yes, privacy policies do exist, and yes they are important. Your client (or, more importantly, potential clients) want to know what you are going to do with their information. Put your clients at ease by having your privacy policy available on your website.

25. FAQ Page:No matter how great your products, services, or web pages may be, people will have questons. In fact, you will have several questions that almost everyone will repeat. Having an FAQ page not only makes your job easier by not having to answer the same questions repeatedly, it makes your visitors' experience easier by allowing them to get the answers they are looking for without a time consuming and somewhat awkward phone call.

26. Blog Page:If you don't understand the value of a blog page, let me explain it quickly. A blog page that is updated frequently shows activity to web crawlers and search engines. This will make your site seem more relevant and get your page found more often and easer. This will increase traffic, which will increase sales. Also, make sure your blog pages have relevant information on them. Search engines and web crawlers are pretty intelligent these days, so they can tell the difference between important information to your site and information that is just filler. In other words, don't put information about a BBQ recipe in a blog on a page that sells hospital equipment. Make sure your blog entries connect to the products and services your website offers.

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