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Website Essentials 5

Written by Tom Stark
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In April 2016, entrepeneur.com wrote an aritcle titled "50 Must-Have Features for Small-Business Websites". In this blog series, I am breaking the article down into different sections and giving my opinion on each section. Today's we begin to look at all of the sub pages of your website. These pages will not get nearly the traffic your home page does, but if your home page grabs the attention of your users and visitor, these pages are just as vital.

20. Contact Form:At the very least, your clients should be able to contact you via a contact form, even if you don't have or want a business phone. When creating a contact form, keep it as simple and short as possible. This form is for you to be able to contact your potential client. A name, a phone number and an email should be the minimum required fields on your contact form. If you would like to be better prepared for your return call you can ask what the client would like to talk about. Those are the fields I recommmend to my customers when I create a website for them.

21. Captcha or Anti-Spam:Captcha is a service that requires some interaction that needs to be completed by a human being. It can be in the form of a checkbox stating that "I am not a robot" to words/numbers in a text box, to picking pictures form a list. Whatever method you prefer, use one. If not, then you will be flooded with junk mail that will waste hours of your time.

22. Personalized About Us Page:This is where you get to give your existing or potential clients a glimpse of who you are. While I am not sure that it is a requirement, it is a really good idea. Once again, keep it short, keep it about the people, products, and services that are about you as a company.

23. Inner Page Content:The Nielsen Norman Group did a study on how people read the internet. " We found that users' main reading behavior was fairly consistent across many different sites and tasks. This dominant reading pattern looks somewhat like an F and has the following three components". Those components are: Horizontally across the top... Horizontally across a second row... then finally Vertically down the left side. Read the article here.

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