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Website Essentials 4

Written by Tom Stark
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In April 2016, wrote an aritcle titled "50 Must-Have Features for Small-Business Websites". In this blog series, I am breaking the article down into different sections and giving my opinion on each section. Today's we look at the footer of the website, a section that used to be under-appreciated or ignored all together. But with the popularity of using the internet on mobile devices, the footer has become very valuable real estate.

14. Contact Information:Even if you have placed your contact information on other places of your website, repeat it here. The footer will most likely show up on every page of your website, so it is never out of site. Also, if your website has a lot of information on a page, having your contact information on the footer makes contacting you much more convenient if your clients have scrolled down to the bottom of your website.

15. Business Hours:Whether you have a storefront business, a supplier or offer support of any kind, make sure you tell your clients when they can contact you. Also, it is helpful to list your timezone to help clarify exactly when you are available for business.

16. Social Media Buttons:If you are not on social media with your business, get on it NOW. When you post anything to social media, it will be shown on the pages of all of your followers. It is simply free marketing. There is no better advertising time spent than posting up to date information and sales to social media to be shared by your followers. At minimum, have a Facebook page. But it is also very advantageous to have a Twitter account, Google + account and any one of the other various social media outlets that are available to businesses.

17. Online Chat Feature:If you have the ability to chat live with your customers, then DO IT!! Nothing will help you make a better connection while your clients are online than being able to chat with you or someone from your company. While this is a great tool to have, it is optional.

18. Newsletter Signup Form:This is a great tool for collecting contact information from your clients or prospective clients. Emailing a newsletter is a great way to send out up to date information about your company, your products, or any sales you may be having now or in the future.

19. Navigation:Even you already have navigation in other places of your website, repeat it here. The footer should be on every page of your website, so it is always. Also, as with your contact information, having navigation on the footer makes it convenient for your clients who have scrolled down to the bottom of your website.

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