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Website Essentials 3

Written by Tom Stark
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In April 2016, wrote an aritcle titled "50 Must-Have Features for Small-Business Websites". In this blog series, I have been breaking the article down into several sections and give you my expertise and opinion on each section. In today's installment we look at the heart of the website: the main features, your content, and your internal links.

11. Main Features:This is the section that you must, MUST, keep up to date and relevant. Even if your product never changes or has any recent upgrades, keep this section fresh. Because even if your product or services don't change, your customers do. Refresh your wording. Refresh your perspective. Speak with your existing and prospective cleintele and listen to what they say and the questions they ask. Address those comments, concerns and question in your main features. To make my point clear, let's look at McDonals. Over the years, what has really changed about a Big Mac. It tastes the same as ever. It has not been made any healther. But over the years, McDonald's keeps changing their marketing of Big Macs, simply to stay in touch with customers.

12. (Quality) Content: Here is where you can elaborate on your products or services. Make sure your website speaks to your customers. For example, if I am selling computers to an IT professional, I am writing in terms of bus speed, solid state mechanisms, internal cache, and memory and CPU clock speed. If I am speaking to a non-technical client, I will use terms like ample storage space, lightning fast, etc. After, and only after you write for your clientele, then write some body text for web browers to properly search and place your website. Also, and this is true of every section of your website, make sure to spell check and grammar check your work. You may not think it matters much, but your customers, and even more so, your potential cusotmers, might think it matters... a lot.

13. Internal Links: These are exactly what they sound like, links to other pages of your website. However, the number one thing most people do when updating their website is they do not check to see if their internal links are still working or pointing to the proper place on their website. I understand why. It is tedious, boring work. But think of this. Have you ever been on a website and clicked on a link that when nowhere? Or went to a wrong place? Or even worse, went to 404 or 505 page error? That will almost ensure that customers won't continue to use your products or services. They may think that if you can't take care of your website, how will you take care of them.
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