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Website Essentials 1

Written by Tom Stark
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In April 2016, wrote an aritcle titled "50 Must-Have Features for Small-Business Websites". While I do not agree that all of the items in the article are 'must haves', I do agree with over 90% of them. I will break the article down into several sections and give you my expertise and opinion on each section. Today we look at the header.

1. Domain Name: It is a very good idea to create a domain name that is easily identifiable. In my case,, it is simply my company name. With the internet becoming so over-populated, it is sometimes difficult to create the perfect domain name. Sometimes you many need to add extra characters, such as a dash (-) or underscore (_), but remember to keep the name easy to remember, and as short as possible. is much more difficult than

2. Logo: A logo is a graphical representation of you. Classic great logos are easy to identify: the Nike swish, the Chevrolet bowtie, and the Apple logos are great examples. If you are not a graphic designer, hire one to create one for you. There are internet services that offer pre-made logos, but remember, these logos are also being used by other companies as well.

3. Tagline: while it is a great idea, I am not sure it is a 'must have'. I currently do not have a tagline on my website. I have other clients who do. In either case, create a tagline that is short, to the point and easy to remember. My current tagline is "We create stunning websites that get you remembered." The theory on taglines is 5-9 words.

4. Phone number: This is an area where the world is changing rapidly. I currently do business with companies around the world. I do not want them calling me during the middle of the night, nor do they want me to return that favor. However, if you have a dedicated phone line to your business, or you simply do business withing a small radius of your location, then absolutely you want a phone number. Also, when a mobile device recognizes a phone number and you click on it with your finger, it will ask you if you want to dial it. It is a great tool for making sure you don't lose customers due to having to leave your page to dial a phone number.

5. Call to action button: You are in business to sell something. If you don't have a place where people can contact, call or otherwise let you know they are interested in your product or services, then are missing out on sales opportunities. Make sure your call to action button is easily identified and easy to get to.
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