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Website Essentials 8

Written by Tom Stark
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Earlier this year, entrepeneur.com wrote an aritcle titled "50 Must-Have Features for Small-Business Websites". In this blog series, I am breaking the article down into different sections and giving my opinion on each section. Today we look again at some of the different aspects of a good website, including mobile responsiveness.

31. Links that are easy to recognize:If you have links to other pages on your site, other downloadable resources, or links to externals sites, make sure that the links are easy to recognize. Style them differently than your regular font. You don't necessarily need a different font, change the color or weight of them, and make them stand out when a cursor is moved over them.

32. Clean Font:Clean fonts are a must these days. With all of the options for modern, stylish fonts, avoid the temptation to use 'gimmicky' fonts such as Lobster, Comic Sans, or Jester. Your website needs to convey your message clearly. Don't take the chance of losing a customer because you like a particular style font. Your customers may not. Also, and I have not really mentioned this before, make sure you have great contrast between your font and your background. Red on yellow or green will be hard on the eyes. Medium gray on light gray will make people strain. Avoid using true black if possible.

33. Mobile Responsiveness:More and more people use mobile devices to surf the web. If your website is not repsonsive to mobile devices, UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE IMMEDIATELY. You will lose business if your site cannot be navigated on a mobile device.

34. Hamburger Menu:While on the topic of mobile devices, make sure you have the 'hamburger style' menu icon on your responsive website. This will make your site easier to navigate on mobile devices, and also make it easier on the eyes when using your site.

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